Build a culture of decision making backed by scientific data analysis

We bring an AI-powered specialist to provide insights to understanding, predicting, and advancing your data.
Cutting-edge, enterprise-grade data analytics suite with high performance, flexibility, and robust features tailored for diverse business needs

Analytics Solution at Your Fingertips

Discover 100% transparency, accuracy and predicted data better than human With powerfull algorithm, full workflow, no coding and expert needed and complete enterprise solution.




  • Using powerful machined-learning models on your own past data and other influencing parameters for a robust model to find credit worthiness

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  • Using power of AI to improve your accurate, consistent statistically valid and transparent your business forecast

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  • Using sophisticated AI powered analysis of your customers data to cross-selling other product from your bouquet to existing customers

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  • Using AI powered analysis to identify your loyal customers or who might exit and go to competitor in the future

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ICEBERGSentiment Analysis

  • Using data science and analytics to find out what your customers are thinking about your organization, enabling informed decision-making based on valuable feedback

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ICEBERGProactive Maintenance

  • Using analytics into your production system to be proactively alerted for likely breakdown of key equipment or process

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What makes ICEBERG  Analytics stand out?

ICEBERG Analytics brings many feature attributes to the table that are not usually available in analytics tools at this time.

  • End to end analytics
  • Powerful data engineering
  • Flexibility of data input
  • Rule engine
  • Business-defined AI
  • Tailored dashboards

ICEBERG Analytics Cutting Edge Features

  • Input data by Excel or text file upload or database connection
  • Keep your different analyses separate by using Projects for data, models and outputs
  • Role based access of your users, controlled by your own administrator
  • All data is 100% contained within your own data area, not accessible by anyone unauthorized
  • Data exchange is encrypted
  • Audit trail of usage maintained
  • Extract output of analysis for separate reporting or processing

Why chooseICEBERG?


End to end analytics

Covers all the life-cycle activities in an analytics exercise in a single, integrated solution Supports data ingestion, data engineering, analysis, modelling and output visualization. No external software necessary.


Powerful data engineering

Define your data sources, data input pipeline and data workflow along with data logic. User defines data linkage & data transformation rules


Flexibility of data input

ICEBERG intelligently handles flexibility in data content, data type and format.


Rule engine

User defined descriptive data analysis rules using powerful scripting engine, easily modified by non-technical persons.


Business-defined AI

Business user simply indicates the nature of analysis. ICEBERG selects appropriate model from its internal pool of sophisticated, well-researched, constantly upgraded algorithms.


Tailored dashboards

ICEBERG's Visualization Engine supports a variety of graphs to suit your analysis and provide standout insights to user.






Models Created


Forecasting/Scoring activities

Custom Model Development

We support custom model development and managed services

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